Photography Instructors

Ran Fuchs
Ran loves taking action photos whether in nature or of people.

Ran is particularly passionate about
- bird photography (IG: @bird_art_photos) and
- martial arts and sports photography (IG: @australian_martialartists) .

He also enjoys street photography which he finds to be the equivalent of nature photography in urban environment. For work, Ran does school and architecture photography.

Ran will be holding his first solo exhibition in September.
You can see more of his work at:
Upcoming Dates hosted by Ran Fuchs
Saturday the 30th of October 2021
Introduction to Bird Photography Meetup - Royal Botanical Garden - 8:00 am - 2 hours
Bird photography is one of the most challenging natural light type of photography. Bird move, run, fly and tend to be always in the wrong spot. All this gives you unparalled feeling of satisfaction when you get a great shot. In this meeting we will learn the basics, and practice on reasonably easy birds like gulls, moorhens, cormorants and ducks.

What you will take from this meetup, you will be able to use with any other bird shooting
Instructor: Ran Fuchs
$35pp     only 4 places left
Trey Pentecost
Trey just moved to Sydney from New York City and is enjoying photographing the city and exploring new areas.
Upcoming Dates hosted by Trey Pentecost
Saturday the 13th of November 2021
City Night Photography Session - Hyde Park - 7:00pm - 2 hours
A city at night can be a beautiful thing. As the sun goes down and the street lights and storefronts illuminate the sidewalks, the daily apparitions can take on a splendid character.
Instructor: Trey Pentecost
$35pp     10 places left - requires 3 bookings to proceed
Grace Clinton
Grace has been in the photography industry for 4 years now, starting off in event work and was even on the media team for the Melbourne International Three Day Event at the age of 16. She's now moved onto more portrait work and takes headshots for actors and models.
Grace strongly believes in creating beautiful imagery using the simple equipment, because when we are limited with tools that's when our creativity comes out the strongest. She swears by the nifty fifty lens and considers it essential for every portrait photography shoot.
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